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Facebook Live | At-home Microneedling GloFacial

Facebook Live | At-home Microneedling GloFacial

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Are you searching for an at-home facial that will leave your skin glowing, dewy, and intensely nourished?


Step up your skincare game with The Quench, our favorite hydrating, restorative cream. Watch our latest Facebook Live as our #BossBabe Jamie O'Banion takes you through her PM Glo Facial.

Keep watching and she will answer all of your questions on how to quench thirsty, dry skin!

  • Recipe for Glo-ing Skin?
  • How can I get a $300 facial in 65 seconds using GloPRO® Microneedling Tool & The Quench?
  • How do you use GloPRO®? Does microneedling hurt?
  • Is there a recovery time for my skin after I use GloPRO®?
  • Can GloPRO® take the place of Botox & fillers?
  • How do you use R45 The Reversal with GloPRO®?
  • Can I GloPRO® if I have acne?
  • How often should I replace my GloPRO® Attachment Head?
  • What age can you start microneedling?
  • What are the benefits of rosehip seed oil?
  • What is the difference between The Ultimate hydrating cream & The Quench recovery cream?


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