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3 Ways to Use Body Oils

3 Ways to Use Body Oils

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Radiance Body Oil
 Radiance Body Oil


Ever hopped out of the shower and had to choose between either being late or completing your beauty routine? We have. But before texting “ON THE WAY!” one more time with a towel in hair, skip the stress and streamline your routine. We love body oils for their quick, solution-driven purpose and no-fuss application. Anything that delivers serious glow to hair, skin and nails in under 2 minutes? Sign us up.


What is body oil?

Body oils are silky smooth, highly concentrated liquid moisturizers that enhance the appearance and quality of skin from the neck down. Both an alternative and complement to standard body lotions, body oils can vary in viscosity and color ranging from gold to clear depending on the ingredients.

Body oils differ from facial oils because they’re heavier and more robust, but the idea behind them is the same. How exactly do they work? Certain oils are structurally similar to natural skin lipids found in our bodies. When oils mimic these natural lipids, they’re teaching our skin how to stay hydrated instead of providing a temporary hydration fix. And like serums, oils sink down between skin cells to generate a better, smoother skin surface. Plus, they’re infused with naturally emollient ingredients, which easily absorb and help soften rough skin.


Benefits of Body Oils

What are the benefits of body oils?

Research shows that skin treats oil as part of its own cellular makeup, so oils end up acting as hydrating and reparative agents. They’re also a must-have for all skin types (even oily skin!), because they naturally reregulate skin’s moisture barrier. When skin notices this extra addition of oil, natural sebum production stops overcompensating. So, see ya never, oily skin!

The proven benefits of oils are numerous, however specific results depend upon the ingredients inside the body oil you choose to slather on.

How do I choose a good body oil?

Look for those formulated without under-the-radar toxic ingredients. Clean, healthy body oil ingredients are often extracted from roots, fruits, flowers and leaves (our faves = Jojoba, Rosehip, Apricot and Olive).

Another component that separates the good body oils from the bad is their overall usefulness. The forever complaint of Coconut oil (for those whose skin can handle it) is that it leaves the skin feeling slick and grimy, albeit hydrated. We don’t know anyone with that kind of time or that many skirts, so we stick to formulas with quick dry downs that are skinny jean friendly. And anything multipurpose, think hair, skin and nails, is a huge time-saving plus.


BeautyBio Body Oil


How do I use body oil?

Regardless of your target area/concern, oils are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Here’s how we use a multipurpose body oil:

- Body: After showering, apply 1-2 drops over legs, arms, thighs, chest and target areas while skin is wet so it will absorb faster. Pat or massage into the skin.

- Hair: If hair is clean and wet, apply 1-2 drops to ends, they air dry or blow out with a round brush for a sleek, high shine. If hair is dry, apply from mid-length down to the tips to instantly smooth flyaways.

- Nails: Before bed, distribute a drop across nailbeds for a healthy luster and softened cuticles.


Radiance Body Oil
 Radiance Body Oil