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Jamie O'Banion

Introducing our new #BeautyBioBoss series highlighting some of our favorite people who inspire us every day. These are boss babes and bros who are making waves, turning heads and balancing it all seamlessly. Tune in for exclusive profiles as we Bio our Beauties and soak up all of their expert advice and good vibes.
Kicking off our series, the ultimate BeautyBio Boss, our very own Founder and CEO, Jamie O’Banion. As CEO of one of the fastest-growing skincare brands while also balancing roles of mother, founder and mentor, Jamie spills her secrets on how she successfully makes the juggle work.

Jamie launched BeautyBio with one mission, truth in beauty,

spurred by her own experience on the product development side of the industry in her family’s cosmetic lab. After witnessing prestige brands use fairy dust amounts of active ingredients in order to save on costs but make clinical advertising claims, she created a curated skincare line focused on transparency, education and science-backed results.


First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

If it’s a school day, I’m rounding up my three kids to get them ready for school drop-off; I travel a ton so it’s really important to me that when I can, I drop off and pick up my kids from school.

One thing you must do every day?

Read a passage of scripture and prayer before bed. I always tell my littles – you can do anything you want in life if you work hard and stay close to God.

Self-care hacks?

I often have to take an overnight flight and immediately race to an appearance, show or interview. Before the flight, I do a Glo Facial (GloPRO + The Quench cream) then apply Bright Eyes gels under my eye mask while I sleep. Glide the RQ roller to de-puff during flight descent and no one would ever know you were totally jet-lagged.

Power statement/personal motto?

Make it happen. Everyone should have a personal statement that gets them through the hard hours, days or months!

What do you do to develop your team’s skills?

To me, positivity is a key skill to nurture at work, especially in high-growth environments where most employees are juggling multiple roles. To that end, I try to provide my team with the best possible workspace outfitted with a never-ending supply of snacks, blush velvet glam lounge and our fave drinks on tap.

Role model?

My mom. She’s raised 6 kids and I’ve never heard her complain a day in her life or speak ill of another.

How do you stay motivated?

I am incredibly grateful for our Glommunity who motivates me daily. I have received messages that have made me tear up from women and men who have seen change in their skin that has empowered them to start a new relationship, apply for a job promotion or repair damage they have lived with for years. That’s the fuel that keeps me going.

Guilty pleasure?

Sweets. All of them.

Any professional regrets?

Not yet. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but each has taught me a critical nugget that helped inform my path forward. I never think of failure as “failing” – it’s simply editing. Trimming the fat towards a narrower, clearer path to success.

Fave BBS product and why?

It’s a tie: The Quench is a cream I selfishly developed to help revive my skin after subjecting it to a constant change in micro-climates: airplanes (& airports), various countries and states each month, taxis and playgrounds. But, for oil control and inflammation reduction, I am in love with our brand-new gel cream, The ZenBubble. It reduces all signs of stressed out skin in one application.

Fallback career?

Florist – flowers are my catharsis.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

From my mother – “If not me, who? If not now, when.”

Go-to beauty look?

Glowy skin, swipe of mascara, soft pinky nude lip and tousled waves.

First job?

Babysitting business I started at age 10. Flyers around the neighborhood. The whole bit. Didn’t ever cross my mind that I was of an age that one might still be babysat. LOL.


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