#BeautyBioBoss Series: Kameron Westcott


It’s Kam Westcott’s pink world, and we’re totally here for it.

The California native invited viewers into her pink palace four years ago when Bravo TV debuted the Dallas version of its Real Housewives franchise, and we haven’t been the same since. An instant favorite in her signature head-to-toe pink ensembles, Kameron solidified her place in our hearts as an enthusiastic philanthropist, animal lover and mother of two. Refusing to rest on the laurels of reality TV fame, she has since founded (and still currently runs) SparkleDog, a super successful premium dog food brand designed to add glam, with its pink heart design, and nutrition to canine mealtime.
A voice for women’s empowerment, Kameron’s other passion “is to celebrate and promote women's contributions to society and make sure that our presence is always felt in the world,” via her involvement with numerous charities including the Susan G. Komen foundation. Through each of her initiatives, Kam’s on a mission to infuse a little bit more sparkle, love and, you guessed it, pink into the world, and we’re totally here for it.


Current title and occupation?

Cast Member of Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo TV, Owner of SparkleDog Food, wife and mother to my two children Hilton and Cruise.

Power Statement/Personal Motto?

“Always Sparkle on the Inside and the Outside!”

What was it like growing up in your home; what are the most important lessons your parents taught you?

I am extremely lucky. I grew up in a small town called “Montecito” in California. At the time it was small enough where everyone knew everyone. It was so safe where I could walk to school every day if I wanted. I was born in an incredible family. The older I get, the more I value my education and realize how lucky I was. I grew up with two loving parents and two siblings that always made sure that I was a happy kid. They always made sure I got all I needed to succeed in this world. My parents were both business partners in the textile world so retail was familiar to me. They taught me to never give up. Always follow your dreams. They encouraged me to always be at the top of my class. To always be competitive but to have fun and always be kind to my peers. My family was also extremely giving and would sponsor children in need, help them out to allow them to be on all American sports teams with my siblings that maybe needed extra help with finances.

How did you establish boundaries between a private and public persona once your life was broadcast to millions of viewers?

I always keep my children’s personal problems private. It’s never my story to tell. I also remind myself that I never have to expose or answer any questions I don’t want to. While filming we’re in control what we personally want to expose to the public and I always want to put my family first and what is best for them in every situation. I also always tell my children that they’re never required to film unless they want to join. Giving them this option allows them to have the privacy that they need.

Any advice for someone trying to make it on reality TV?

Be yourself and do a lot of social media. Social media will put your name out there and producers could come across your profile. For example…I posted for a clothing brand that I love and a producer saw her clothing on my social media and called her to be on the TV show “Making the Cut!” It truly happens!!

Is there a RHOD moment you wish the fans would forget?

I wish I never defended myself the way I did in Mexico with Brandi. After hearing her negative words…I threw my napkin in her face and ran away. I instead wish I had talked about her concerns like a mature adult.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

You only LIVE once!!

What was your inspiration for starting SparkleDog?

Dog food, treats and products today are not targeted toward women, who are actually buying the food and my packaging is super girly and the food contains hearts or pink in some way. My dream goal is to ensure that all Dogs Sparkle on the Inside and on the Outside! Knowing that everyone can have a little bit more pink or love in their lives will only make our world a happier place!

Amazon and Walmart partnerships are no small feat, what was the journey like working toward those relationships?

My husband helped me a lot with setting amazon up. I also learned that unverified buyers can review your products without ever buying your product which is frustrating. After researching I found out that a lot of my negative reviews were all from one IP Address. Don’t ever let haters bring you down. I eventually started working with a partner who also had connections at Walmart which helped us get our treats, multi vitamins and shampoo in.

What did you learn about yourself while starting your own business?

I learned that I needed a partner. Running your own business takes a village and one has to make a lot of sacrifices with friends and family to put in the time it needs to make it succeed. It doesn’t come naturally.

Biggest surprise about working for yourself?

Never realized I could multi-task as much as I do!!

Fallback career?

Personal Shopper!! I’m a shopaholic. It’s a true passion!!

Guilty pleasures?

Ice-Cream in bed, Dove bite size Dark Chocolate’s (I always have two a day or more sometimes), watching all the cities of Real Housewives, The Bachelor, Sleeping with socks on!

Anyone who knows you (or of you), knows you love pink. But tell us about “More Than Pink.”

My mission is to celebrate and promote women's contributions to society and make sure that our presence is always felt in the world, with my obsession with "PINK" being a symbolic symbol of that. I am extremely passionate about animal welfare, and that is why I convinced my husband to invest in the first company that is going to bring kill free meat to the world. Also, having my grandmother recently die of a women specific cancer and other members of my family affected by the disease I have been involved with multiple cancer organizations and I am involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It is so important to me to do everything I possibly can to help keep women of this alive and empowered and make sure that there is always pink in the world!

How do you balance family and work life with all that you have going on?

I’m old fashion and I write everything down…leaving post it notes all over the house for my husband, nanny, housekeeper with daily tasks the night before. I try to only go out with friends twice a week and we always schedule date night!! Friday nights are for slumber parties with the kids. We blow up air mattresses in our room and we all watch a family movie.

Fave 3 BeautyBio products and why?

Beauty Bio GloPro because it builds collagen and minimizes my pore size. I also just love how your skin feels after you use it. The Quench Quadralipid Rapid Recovery Cream is my favorite lotion to use at night. My skin is extra dry and this brings my skin back to life!! I love using the Daily Vitamin C + Antioxidant Day Serum in the am to fight free radicals and keep my skin looking young by preventing wrinkles!!

What’s next?

I hope to rollout my SparkleDog Body Spray, SparkleDog Body Wipes and SparkleDog Nose Balm!

To learn more about Kam Westcott, visit instagram:  @kameronwestcott  


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