#BeautyBioBoss Series: Bina Palnitkar Patel


Bina Palnitkar Patel is intimidatingly cool.

A partner at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, a “Big Law” international law firm, she’s a Lil Wayne listening, TikTok loving mother of three who still finds time to call her mother every day (probably because she’s also amazingly organized). When Bina, who was named one of D Magazine’s Best Lawyers under 40, isn’t winning cases, she donates her time to various local charities and lends her legal expertise to local and state election campaigns.
We scored some of Bina’s coveted “free” time to inquire what it’s like being a lawyer in 2020, the items she never leaves home without and her most memorable moment in court. Plus, she doled out the most digestible, logical and wit-filled free legal advice we’ve ever received, get ready to take notes.


Current title/occupation?

Partner at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, a “Big Law” international law firm.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Why lie? I check my phone..

What inspired you to become a lawyer?

50% Legally Blonde 50% Law and Order.

Best free legal advice?

Do not say anything bad in writing! It will always come out.

How do you stay organized?

I have some apps – love Wunderlist for a shared “to do” list with those in my house, and with my assistant.

You suddenly have a free hour in your day, what do you do with it?

I try to do 5 hours worth of things in that one hour. Sneak in a stretching session, either with the Peloton app or at Stretch Zone, take a drive with my husband, go for a run or nap with my kids, shop online, tame the monster that is my closet, read my latest book.

Most memorable moment in court?

When a jury came back with $6.8 million for our client, and yet I had only asked them for $2.6 million. They thought we deserved more than what we asked for. We were speechless.

Power statement/personal motto?

I am the exception, not the rule.

Guilty pleasure?

Instagram / TikTok. I’m not even ashamed anymore. 

Best negotiation tactic recommendations (whether we’re in or out of a lawsuit)?

Even if the other person is completely wrong, find something to acknowledge on their end so they don’t feel completely on the defensive. If they say the sky is green, and you know it is blue, remark that you are sure others can feel it is green at times as well. But make sure that this concession point won’t move the needle out of your favor.

Go-to motivation song?

Right Above It – Lil Wayne. There are always “haters in the building.”

One thing you must do every day? 

Call my mother. My best friend.

Biggest legal mistake people in their 20s and 30s make?

Making excuses when they make a mistake. The cover up is worse than the crime. Own it, and don’t let it ever happen again. Let the other party know that. 

Fallback career? 

Comedy writer for a series.

Do any fictional TV courtroom dramas get it right?

Yes, sometimes. They have legal consultants, but in most cases it is all drama for TV and not real life.

Always in your purse?

Pacifier, weightlifting gloves, airpods, one million portable phone chargers, two pens without ink. 

You’re about to go into court, what pep talk do you give yourself first?

Stay calm, speak with intention, you’ve got this. And when the judge is chewing out opposing counsel, just zip it and enjoy.

Fave BBS product and why?

The Quench – hands down. It’s like melted butter on your face – the best moisturizer I have ever had, and will have. Also, I just had a baby and feel like I have aged. Queue R45 The Reversal – when I need to Benjamin Button my face a couple years younger this does just the trick.



To learn more about Bina, visit gtlaw.com



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