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#BLUSHCRUSH: Lindsey Leigh Hohlt

#BLUSHCRUSH: Lindsey Leigh Hohlt

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lindsey leigh hohlt

Meet this month’s Blush Crush, The Houston Diamond Girl - Lindsey Leigh Hohlt.  Being a female in a male-dominant industry, Lindsey Leigh Hohlt wanted to set a new standard for custom jewelry design. The industry was in desperate need of an experience that's comfortable and relaxed, but also very chic and elevated. Breaking free of outdated jewelry practices, Lindsey created something fresh, new, and modern. Read on to get to know more about this month’s Blush Crush.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 15th at 8:30pm CST for Lindsey’s Blush Crush Instagram Live on @beautybio’s account with CEO & Founder, Jamie O’Banion. 

What is your current title & occupation?

Founder and Creative Director of Lindsey Leigh Jewelry. I started LLJ in 2018 and now have 12 employees that run our ecom, retail store, and our customs division.

What inspired you to create Lindsey Leigh Jewelry?

This industry is built off of what “women want”, yet it is male run. There was a major niche in the market in Houston so I decided there was no time but the present. I also worked for a group of men and learned everything I needed on how I did not want to run a business! I never planned on opening up my own store but I was forced to when being the only female in a male run business was never going to be in my favor. At the end of the day I had to look out for my best interest and my clients best interest.

How would you say your jewelry experience differs from others within this male-dominated industry?

We know how to think outside the box when it comes to creating pieces and how we envision the person wearing it in the future. For us it isn't a one time sale, it's the start to her collection. How will she continue to build off of this piece? We put ourselves in her place and decided if we would wear it like that if we were that client. We also ask the important questions: What does her lifestyle entail? What does she already own? What does she usually wear? That way we have a better understanding of where to start to build her collection or add on to her previous one! We also know how to create dainty and how to layer - men do not!

Would you consider your personal taste in jewelry eclectic or more minimalist?

More minimalist because I live in my jewelry but I do love to add splashes of color. I love my kids and their birthstones so you will see those all over me! You will never not see me with my ears fully decked out or my wrists completely stacked. Usually, I have a handful of rings on but this summer heat is killing me and so I am minimal in the summer when it's 105 degrees outside.

What jewelry trends do you see thriving in 2023? Any trends you hope will die down?

Pearls, color, and chunky. Honestly, I love the dainty engagement solitaire look but I would love for it to die down :) When I make an ER with a thicker shank it is so pretty to me! 

You’re a board member of She Has Hope, an organization dedicated to restoring a life of hope to vulnerable girls and women in Asia & Africa. How did you first become involved and what would you like people to know about this organization?

I first became involved when I traveled to Israel for a Pilgrimage trip and I met the founder of SHH. He told me all about it and I instantly fell in love with their mission. I was working for a jewelry store in Houston at the time and knew how to bead jewelry. I decided to take my trade to Nepal and teach the girls there how to make jewelry! I sourced the beads all over the markets and would take it back to the women's home and we would spend hours on the floor making beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I would then bring it all back to the states and we would sell it at trunk shows and online. I went on 3 separate trips, basically every 6 months until I started LLJ. 

We saw you just added a new addition to your family! How’s your new puppy doing? And is her name still Doggie? 

No, thankfully we renamed her to Biscuit! Henry still calls her Doggie sometimes! She is soooo great, the best addition to our little family. She is so gentle with my 7 month old. It's amazing and fun to watch her and Henry's relationship blossom. We lucked out in the puppy department, she is so calm that I can take her to the office with me everyday. She trots around the store saying hi to customers and brings the office a little bit of joy. How could you ever be upset with Biscuit hopping in your office? 

You’re a wife, mother, dog-mom, entrepreneur, and philanthropist; what’s your top tip for staying organized (and sane)?

I have help :) I can't do it all by myself! I have an amazing team at LLJ, I have a nanny that helps me with the kids so that I can spread my time between all of the aspects in my life. I have the most incredibly supportive husband that allows me to do what I need to do and never asks questions. I also am blessed with amazing kids that really dont give me much trouble, they are magical and keep me sane. There are weeks that are really hard! Where work is overwhelming and the mom guilt is hitting hard and so it's not all rainbows and sunshine. There will always be a little inner struggle but that is okay I just have to remind myself I am doing my best. I will never miss anything with my kids and that's most important because I will never get those moments back. I also make sure that our weekends are cram packed around them so they always know that is their time. I would like to say that I am a pretty organized person, I keep everything in my life very tidy so I don't often feel overwhelmed. 

How do you prioritize self-care, in whatever form self-care is for you?

This is where I struggle most. I am not a spa person, I don't enjoy that time alone or that silence, I feel like it's wasted time away from my kids. Self care for me is going to the lake with my family or going on vacation with my kids. If you follow along on insta you will know my kids go on every vacation with us, they are very much a part of our lives. I have awful guilt when I am away from them and I struggle so it is just best if they are there. It is something I need to work on but right now in my life I am not good at self care. My BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling and Sunday Riley face cream is basically my form of a facial :) 

Final question – what is your favorite BeautyBio product?

The GloPRO® Microneedling Tool. I have used it for years and have loved it. My mom gave it to me for Christmas when it first came out and I thought I was a new woman after using it. I have never had a facial and I have had botox twice in my life so the GloPRO® makes me feel like I am doing my part in stopping the aging process! I've also recently tried the GloPRO ® Scalp Attachment and have seen great results.


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