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Mask Bundle Sets BeautyBio
Unmask The Glow Bundle Sets BeautyBio
Mask Bundle Sets BeautyBio
Unmask The Glow Bundle Sets BeautyBio
Mask Bundle
Mask Bundle

Unmask The Glow Bundle

The Peel + Bright Eyes + Protective Face Mask ($110 Value)

Unmask The Glow Bundle

The Peel + Bright Eyes + Protective Face Mask ($110 Value)

Our 2 go-to masks for glow on the go, plus an exclusive reversible protective face mask to make outdoor trips a little more beauty-full. Apply Bright Eyes Gels and The Peel Mask for clinically proven results in minutes. Stay-in-place technology ensures they brighten and de-puff (Bright Eyes) and unclog pores and refine texture (The Peel) while you’re WFH, hanging with the fam on Zoom, online shopping or taking a nap. Throw on the protective mask to run errands in style and safety. 


Set Includes:
  • The Peel Pore Refining Mask ( 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml)
  • Collagen-Infused Brightening Colloidal Silver Eye Gels (15 Pairs)
  • Reversible Protective Face Mask (While supplies last)
Bright Eyes Colloidal Silver Eye Gels 

Apply gels to clean, dry skin.


Allow key ingredients to soak in for at least 10 minutes. May be worn longer.


Remove patches and apply your fave skincare. Discard after use.   


The Peel Pore-Refining Mask

Apply The Peel as needed in the PM on clean, dry skin. With the provided mess-free brush, paint a thin, even layer over face or targeted area avoiding eyelids, lips and brows. Allow to set for 20 minutes (perfect for bath time!) or until completely dry. Your skin will look "glazed" when ready. Gently peel to reveal rejuvenated, smoother skin. Remove any remaining product with a wet washcloth or tissue. For a deeper exfoliation, apply two coats of The Peel before removing.



Colloidal silver is comprised of Nano silver particles dispersed in water, which make it body compatible. Silver is naturally anti-microbial and helps skin repair itself upon contact. It’s effective on all skin types, encourages skin re-growth and is a reparative solution for anti-aging and scarring.


Bright Eyes gels are not reusable. Discard after each use.


Absolutely! Bright Eyes gels stay cool for hours, we often wear them in meetings and to bed.

  • Instantly brightens the under-eye area including dark circles, and boosts collagen production 
  • Minimizes the appearance of under-eye circles and hollowness
  • Soothes and calms irritated skin to promote a healthy glow 
  • Instantly blurs the look of fine lines for an immediate smoothing effect
  • Provides an instant filter finish to blur the signs of aging 
Bright Eyes: Pure Colloidal Silver

Encourages skin rejuvenation to give the look of 10 hours of rest after just 10 minutes of application.

Bright Eyes: Natural Collagen

Firms and tightens skin to hide lack of sleep from the night before.

The Peel: BioPlump™ Complex

A combo of glycolic and lactic acids that work synergistically to filter and reverse the signs of aging while plumping fine lines and smoothing skin's texture.

The Peel: Grapefruit & Raspberry Extracts

Antioxidants, raspberry and grapefruit extracts nourish the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful glow.

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The Bright Eyes

The Peel

Beauty Bio Products are Formulated without
In a consumer perception survey after using Bright Eyes one time:
  • 97% felt under-eye puffiness was reduced
  • 93% agreed the under-eye area felt firmer
  • 100% agreed eyes appeared brighter
  • 93% noticed the under-eye area looked younger
  • 93% noticed a reduction in the appearance of dark circles
  • 100% said under-eye skin felt smoother
  • 87% noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


In a consumer perception survey after using The Peel one time:
  • 90% noticed pores appeared smaller
  • 100% said skin felt immediately softer to the touch
  • 100% felt skin appeared brighter and more radiant
  • 97% agreed results lasted all day
  • 100% noticed skin immediately appeared less dull
  • 90% felt skin had an immediate glow

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