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Rise & Shine Power Duo

Mini Dry Shampoo + 15-Pack Bright Eyes Gels

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Get fresh hair in a flash and banish under-eye baggage with this must-have, on-the-go duo. Our award-winning Rise and Shine Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo Mini is perfectly purse-sized for an instant root refresh anytime. Bright Eyes cooling eye gels depuff, brighten, and revitalize the delicate eye area to help restore a youthful appearance. Make everyday effortless with these top-selling, travel-ready essentials!

Set Includes

  • Mini Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo (2 fl. oz.) 
  • Full Size Bright Eyes Collagen-Infused Colloidal Silver Eye Gels (15 pairs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our formula is 100% starch and alcohol-free. Most traditional dry shampoos are formulated with harsh starches and alcohols that dehydrate the follicles and scalp causing irritation, flakes, dryness and brittle, coarse strands. Our packaging is 100% recyclable with low VOC & GWP (Global Warming Potential) making it better for the environment as well as our tresses.

Yes, Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo is compatible with all hair types and is also suitable for those with a sensitive, dry, oily or irritated scalp.  

Healthy Scalp Dry Shampoo is designed with the exact ingredients our scalp needs to help extend the hair’s growth cycle and remove buildup, flaking and dryness in order to restore complete hydrated harmony, and create an environment where healthy follicles can thrive. Healthier, stronger hair is more likely to grow without premature fallout or thinning due to breakage.

Colloidal silver is comprised of nano silver particles dispersed in water, which make it body-compatible. Silver is naturally anti-microbial and helps skin repair itself upon contact. It’s effective on all skin types, encourages skin re-growth and is a reparative solution for anti-aging and scarring.

Bright Eyes gels are not reusable. Discard after each use. 

Absolutely! Bright Eyes gels stay on and cool for hours, we often wear them in meetings and to bed.

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