BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head

GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head
GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head
GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head
GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head
GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Head

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For those looking to lift, firm and smooth the skin on their arms, legs, torso and booty.

The BODY attachment head has a wider design to allow for a full body treatment in seconds and slightly longer needles to work with the denser skin lipid (yep, extra cushion) found on the body. One of the “beauties” of aging is realizing that even the most rigorous workouts and healthiest diets don’t always give us the smooth, dimple-free skin we crave. The BODY head’s longer needles work to stimulate rejuvenation in the areas of the body that do all the heavy lifting: think under-arms, back of thighs and booty, above-the-knee skin crepiness and tummies (including mommy marks).
GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ attachment head is designed with 1,680 surgical quality stainless steel needles that are .5 mm in length.
Use in the AM or PM.
  • Use at night on clean skin. 
  • Swipe areas of the body you intend to GloPRO® with a skin clarifying Prep Pad (sold separately). 
  • Glide GloPRO® across targeted areas of the body. No need to apply additional pressure just let the weight of the tool work its magic.
  • Roll in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions, about 4-10 times in each targeted area of the body, for about 60 seconds on each area. Spend a few extra seconds if desired on spot treatments such as above the knee, buttocks, back of thighs, under-arms and tummy.
  • Recommended for use at least three times a week but may be used more frequently. 
  • For maximum results, immediately apply The Sculptor Skin-Firming Body Cream (sold separately).


    Why GloPRO® body is a Gamechanger

    No downtime

    Improves absorption

    60 seconds, 3x a week

    Painless (promise!)

    Backed by science

    Glo anytime, anywhere





    Clinical Studies, Just 3x a week for 30 days.

    In a consumer study using GloPRO® 3x per week, subjects reported the following benefits in 30 days:
    • 97% reported an improvement in skin's firmness
    • 100% felt GloPRO® helped stimulate their skin's natural rejuvenation process

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    Complete your GloPRO® Body Regimen for firm,
    cashmere-soft skin and long-lasting results

    Prep Pads

    Clarifies & Conditions

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    Reduces Dimpling

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